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clone cash system review

Make Money Using The Yuwie Website

What Is Yuwie?

Yuwie is a revolutionary new social networking website where its users are rewarded with money for the amount of visitors their profile pages are able to attract.
The site is a lot like other sites like Myspace and Bebo, with the one main, significant difference being that you can directly earn money from your Yuwie page, and can also earn money from referring new members to the site.

Yuwie was launched July 2008 and is still currently in the 'Beta' phase but it is still fully functional. It already boosts membership figures of just under 500,000. Half a million members isn't too bad for a site that was launched in January 2008, and which is still in the Beta phase.

How Does Yuwie Work?

To understand how the Yuwie website works it is first important to understand how typical social networking sites work, by that we mean how do the sites like Myspace make their money? The answer to this is quite simple - advertising. All of the pages on sites like Myspace, Bebo and Facebook are covered in advertisements. These companies usually pay per advert impression, which means for every time a webpage is loaded, that company might pay out a set amount of money. So sites like Myspace would be sure to earn bucket loads of cash every month, due to the millions of page loads that Myspace gains on a regular basis.
Now what Yuwie does is that it splits this advertising money with its members. The money is split according to the amount of impressions your page receives. Yuwie will obviously take a cut of the advertising revenue as well, which will be used to pay the costs of the website, etc. This is basically how the Yuwie website operates, and is how the website is able to pay people to use the site.

How Do You Make Money From Yuwie?

As mentioned above, you make money from Yuwie every time your profile page receives a visitor. Everyone that joins Yuwie receives their own profile page - which will contain pictures of themselves (if they like) and will also contain text and links to friends profiles, etc (just like a typical Myspace/Facebook/Bebo profile would). So with Yuwie you can get a set amount of money per profile page view. So this means that if you are a popular person, or someone that interests many people on the Yuwie site, your profile will probably gain quite a few visitors. Each of these visitors will be worth a set amount of money, and this amount is dependant on the revenue gained from the website advertisements. Obviously not everyone will be aware of the revenue from the website advertisements, but Yuwie will be sure to pay you a split amount of this advertising money. This figure is disclosed at the end of every month, by way of paying you your earnings. Say you earned '10 and your profile had 100 visitors, the rate for that month would have been 10p per profile visitor.

From reading the above paragraph about making money from Yuwie, you might feel a little disheartened. Maybe you don't like the thought of getting paid per profile view, because you feel it is a little unethical (the idea that you earn more money based on the pictures that you upload to your profile, which is highly evident at Yuwie in some cases). Another way that you might prefer to earn money from Yuwie is by referring new members to the site.
Yuwie has its own refer-a-friend scheme, and so the more people you refer to the site, the more money you can expect to earn. The Yuwie referral scheme spans 10 levels, which is a large amount. It means that if you refer someone to the site who then refers someone else, who then refers someone else (and so on, until the 10th level), you will be earning money from each of your referrals activities. So this means that you can make money from your referrals hard work - if you happen to refer someone who is really popular, who can get loads of their own friends to join up, you can expect to earn quite a nice amount of money. If you want to earn a good amount of money from Yuwie you should look at referring new members to the site, and not just focus on your own profile.


As Yuwie states on its website below the above table, the figures displayed are an example of what could happen. The actual figures may be a lot higher, or they may be a lot lower. It then directs you to the site terms and conditions, which again go on to state that they are uncertain on the amount of money that you could earn from Yuwie as it will depend on the amount gained by advertising, which will vary for each month. Interestingly in the terms and conditions Yuwie states that although the website is currently free to use, they reserve the right to start charging members to use the site at a later date. Although this is unlikely to happen (at least anytime in the near future), we doubt it would be the most popular decision Yuwie would ever make.

Is Yuwie A Scam? Will Yuwie Pay Me?

Whenever a website like Yuwie gets launched, there are always sceptics and people doubting the whole idea of the site. This is of course natural, there are so many scams on the Internet, and people want to be sure that they aren't wasting their time using a site like Yuwie to earn money. There is much interest as to whether Yuwie will provide to be genuine and pay out any earnings, but this interest has slowly been killed by the release of photographs showing the payment cheques that are mailed out by Yuwie.

Many people have been reported to be paid by the Yuwie site, as you can see from the images below. This should qualm any worries that you may have as to whether Yuwie is genuine or not.

(images of Yuwie cheques go here).

Should I Make Money With The Yuwie Website?

Yuwie is still a very new website and there is still a lot of interest surrounding its future and potential market-size. If the site continues to pay out to its members, and if it continues to grow at the size that it is, then it could change social networking sites forever. If not, it will simply die out and be forgotten about. However, one thing is for sure, and that is that Yuwie is well worth joining and using. It doesn't cost anything to be a member, and so the only investment you will be making is time - it will just take a few minutes to create your account and build your profile, and if you can invite a few friends to join the site then you should be able to start making a nice amount of extra money too.

Obviously Yuwie isn't exactly going to make you a multi-millionaire, but it could be a lot of fun and could be a nice little earner on the side. And besides, at least it beats you wasting your time on other social sites like Facebook and Myspace, where you are simply lining the pockets of these huge, greedy corporations.


UPDATE: Since the start of the year we have so far earned $0.70 from using Yuwie. This figure is just from referring other members to the site. However we wouldn't really expect to earn much money if we were to use the site normally anyway, so we don't really recommend that you bother joining - it seems that nobody else is earning much money from Yuwie either. Join if you wish, but you are probably wasting your time...


Join Yuwie Here


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