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We are in 2012 and the economic crisis does not seem to stop! Thanks to the Internet there are now plenty of opportunities to work online from home using your computer. The hardest part of working from home and earn extra money on the Internet is being able to find a genuine, real job. 99 percent of all 'work from home opportunities' and 'home jobs' are scams, or will involve doing something illegal. This is why the methods discussed on this website will be tried and tested by us, and we can guarantee fully that you can make money online working from home using these methods by working online from home.

For a quick explanation and general idea about the amount of money you can make from each of the methods detailed on the site then read this page below. Browse the pages by using the menu on the left hand side of the page to read more details about the ways of making money online that we discuss on this page.


Brief Explanations Of How To Make Money Online And Work From Home

Paid Surveys

There are plenty of free to join paid survey websites which are always looking for new members online. All you have to do is find a free paid survey site, fill in the application form and then fill in an interest profile. Then you will start receiving surveys straight to your email inbox, and will start earning around £ 3 per 15 minute survey. You could probably earn around £ 50 per week by using a handful of paid survey websites. More information on free paid surveys.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £200

Our Money Rating: Rating for paid surveys make money online


Paid Reviews

There are only a few websites which currently pay people to write product reviews online, but these sites are still extremely popular and pay out a lot of money too. All you need to do is select a paid review site to join, fill in the application form, and then you can log in and start reviewing thousands of products that are listed on the websites product database. Product review websites are free to join, and you can usually earn around £ 5 per review written. I think you could easily manage around £ 20 a week from writing product reviews on just two websites. More information on free paid reviews.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £130

Our Money Rating: Rating for paid reviews make money online


Data Input

Inputting data is one of the few jobs which can usually be done away from work premises and with minimal fuss. Data entry isn't really the most exciting or envious job to have, and there is usually a chance that companies will outsource work so that members of the public can work from home; simply using an Internet connection to download and upload any of their work they contribute with. Data entry is another job which should be free to participate in, and so be wary of scam sites trying to request a fee up front. You could easily earn around £ 80 a week if you manage to find a genuine data entry job. More information on home based data input jobs.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £400

Our Money Rating: Rating for data entry make money online


Matched Betting

Matched betting for bookmakers online bonuses is another great way to make money online, with thousands of pounds available to be earned from only a few hours work. Probably the hardest part of this home based job is getting your head around the actual concept of matched betting. It involves making bets online at bookmaker's websites which are at a minimum risk, so you lose no money but in the process you will qualify for a free online bonus, which is then turned into profit. Obviously to start matched betting you will need to be over 18 and have a debit/credit card, and be based in a location which allows online gambling. You could easily earn £ 100 a week from matched betting, at least for a couple of months (until the offers start to dry up). It is worth noting that you need around £ 50 to start off matched betting, but this money will never be lost. More information on matched betting for bookmaker's bonuses.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £600

Our Money Rating: Rating for work online opportunity matched betting


Wholesale On Ebay

Ebay can be a very lucrative source of online income, especially if you know of some good wholesalers and have good information of the online marketplace. Millions of people make an income working from home using Ebay as their own online shop, discovering a niche market and then developing and selling a product. Wholesalers are very common on Ebay at the moment, and this involves purchasing goods in bulk at discount prices and then selling the items individually on the Ebay auction website. You could earn hundreds of pounds a week from becoming a wholesaler on Ebay, it all depends on how successful you are at finding and selling products. This method of making money online will also require a little money to start things off. More information on making a living selling on Ebay.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £900

Our Money Rating: Rating for working from home as ebay wholesaler


Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is quite an unknown method of making money by working at home, but it is still a well paid one. It involves signing up to a free mystery shopping website, and then you will be invited to go along to a local supermarket or other shop (sometimes a local pub), and by making some purchases as usual. You will be expected to give feedback on your general shopping experience, which you will then get paid money or voucerhs for. There are also opportunities to visit pubs and other local resorts, sending feedback on any experiences to the mystery shopping website. You could probably earn around £ 10 per week from becoming a mystery shopper, this figure is quite low because there is not alwawys work available. More information on earning money from mystery shopping.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £60

Our Money Rating: Rating make money as a mystery shopper


Paid Forum Posting

This is another well hidden online job, and it is quite hard discovering people who are willing to pay you to post messages on forums. It will involve going to a specific forum, and contributing knowledge or simply posting information on a specialised topic. You will be paid per post made or per 100 posts for example. Though paid forum posting isn't the most lucrative job, there are still people who are desperate for people to perform this activity and although it won't make you rich, it will still serve as an ideal source of extra income especially if it's something you enjoy doing. More information on paid forum posting.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £80

Our Money Rating: Rating make money working as home with paid forum posting


Website Advertising

Website advertising can be another very lucrative form of earning money online, whilst working at home. It will involve having your own website of some form, which you will then place specific adverts on. You could then get paid whenever someone clicks this advert, or makes a transaction based on clicking that said advert. Placing adverts on your website can potentially earn you a lot of extra cash, but the hardest part will be managing to bring visitors to your website, and on top of that getting them to click the adverts too. You can sign up for free webspace and then put some form of website adverts on your site, the amount of money you earn will depend on how successful the website is. More information on earning money from website advertising.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £200

Our Money Rating: Rating for making money from website advertising


Paid To Play Online Games

There are hundreds of online gaming websites that enable you to win cash prizes by competing against other online gamers. With some good (free) practise time, you can become an expert at a specific game and then start to make money online by playing against other gamers. By joining an online gaming website from a cashback website you are guaranteed not to lose any money; and will be paid to play games online. You could easily earn around £ 40 a week from playing games online, at least until the cashback offers run out. More information on getting paid to play online flash games.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £40

Our Money Rating: Rating for make money online being paid to play games


Make Money From Creating A Blog

Millions of people are currently making money online from creating their own blog site. It is easy to understand why they are currently so popular - it only takes a few seconds to set one up, it is completely free, and is very easy to use and upload content to. As well as these factors it is very easy to make money from the blog; within a few minutes you could be making money every time someone clicks advertisements on your blog, or you could be earning big money as an affiliate for another online retailer. As with making money from a website, the hardest part of the process is getting people to visit your website or blog. This is why blogging will take a little longer to earn you any kind of decent money, but as long as you are dedicated and commited long-term, you should find it easy enough to make good money online from your own blog. More information on making money by making a blog.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £150

Our Money Rating: Rating for make money online from starting a blog


Make Money By Getting Paid To Blog

This way of making money online is very similiar to the above method, and will again involve the use of a blog. Many blog owners and companies are often on the look out for good-quality bloggers to add posts to their own blogs, or to work for them creating a blog on their behalf. These are paid positions, and so if you are good enough you could be paid to blog at certain blog sites. Firstly you will need to set up your own, high-quality blog which should showcase some of your blogging talents. Then you should find a blog-job website, where people will advertise that they require some blog posters. You can also get paid to post reviews of companies products and services on your own blog site, but again you will need a good quality blog before people approach you to do this.More information on making money by getting paid to blog.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £100

Our Money Rating: Rating for making money online getting paid to blog


Make Money As An Online Dating Affiliate

Thousands of people currently make a living as affiliates for a very lucrative online-dating website. Anyone can become an affiliate; all you need is a website (even if its a free-hosting site; it doesn't have to be a paid domain). It is free to become an affiliate, and you could start earning £ 0.50 for every person that visits your website link, and even more money if they sign up for free (or become a paying customer). Imagine if you could guarantee hundreds of website visitors every day - we can explain how this is achievable in just a few, quick and free steps More information on becoming a dating-website affiliate.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £300

Our Money Rating: Make money as an online dating affiliate


Make Money From Making A Free Website

Currently domain names and web-hosting packages can be set up to last as long as a year, for no more than £10. Even if you aren't willing to spend this money, you can set up your own free website - and then start to make money from it. By joining free advertising programs you can monetize your website by placing adverts and affiliate links on your webspace. If you manage to attract good quality traffic to your website you can really start to make good money online. The hardest part of this is creating good, unique content for your website, and managing to get lots of people to visit your website. More information on making money from making a free website.

Estimated Monthly Earnings: £300

Our Money Rating: Make money online from a website


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Explanation of the ratings system:

Rating of this way of working online from home 1 star means that the scheme will not earn you much money at all and is probably not worthwhile.

2 star rating of this way of making money online 2 stars means that the scheme is okay but you won't earn too much money from it.

3 stars rating good way of making money online 3 stars means that the scheme is good and that you can expect to earn a steady amount of money online from it.

Great way of making money online 4 stars 4 stars means that the scheme is very worthwhile and that you can earn a high amount of money online from doing it.

Our rating of this opportunity of making money online 5 stars means that the scheme is excellent and that you stand to earn a really high amount of money from working at this online job.




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