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How to use Paid Surveys, Paid Reviews & Cashback Websites

When you first join the paid survey, paid review or cash back websites it is fair to say that they are sometimes quite hard to understand. It took me weeks to realise how I could make money using the cash back websites, and took me a few days to realise how I would activate my paid survey account, so that they could start sending me surveys. It took me even longer to even realise that I could get money from writing product reviews at the paid review site - and then finding the link to start writing reviews. Hopefully by reading the articles I've written below, you won't have quite as many problems as I did when I first started to make money on the Internet.

Tutorial 1 Paid Surveys And Reviews:

How To Make Money From Ciao

The Ciao website pays you to answer surveys and write product reviews. However their website isn't too user-friendly and it is quite easy to get lost and not actually activate the paid surveys (meaning you won't ever receive surveys and so won't be able to get paid to complete them) and it is even harder to write product reviews on the Ciao website. Read this tutorial to find out how to start receiving free paid surveys and to learn how to write a successful review on the Ciao website.

Make money answering paid surveys and reviews; tutorial for Ciao.


Tutorial 2 Paid Surveys:

How To Make Money From Global Test Market

Global Test Market pay you to complete surveys which get e-mailed to you whenever a survey needs completing. The website is quite simple to use and most people shouldn't have a problem making money from answering these paid surveys. However some people might find it tricky to 'activate' these paid surveys, so you should read this tutorial if you are worried about not receiving any surveys even if you are a member. This tutorial also contains advice on how to receive a large amount of high-paying surveys.

Make money answering paid surveys; tutorial for GTM.


Tutorial 3 Cashback Websites:

How To Make Money From Loyalty Shopper

The Loyalty Shopper website is a cashback website meaning that they will pay you every time you shop online via their website, so you could be earning cash back every time you purchase an item or make a transaction over the Internet. Again, the Loyalty Shopper website isn't too user-friendly, so in this tutorial we will try and explain the best way to use this cashback website.

Earn cash back online; tutorial for Loyalty Shopper.

constant content website

Need Help Making Money Online?

Upon joining any of the above websites feel free to contact us if you still have problems earning money. This could be down to being unable to understand the confusing layout of some of the cashback, paid review or paid survey sites. It could simply be down to being unclear how to make money from using these websites. Whatever your reason, we will try our best to respond to your request within 3 working days, and will write you personalised instructions on how to make money at the specific website. Before requesting assistance, please be sure that you have read the online tutorials regarding the use of the above paid websites.

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