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clone cash system review

Play The Lottery Free

This article shows you how you can play the lottery for free, participating in the UK National Lottery and Euro Millions Lottery draws every week, at no cost to you. The article was put in the Using Your Money section because it involves spending some money to start up with, and therefore it does require a little investment. This money is easily regained though, you can easily recover your costs or even make a profit (as well as getting to play the lottery for free!).


How To Play The Lottery For Free

If you are reading this you are probably interested in learning how you can play the lottery for free, so we will now discuss how this is possible. It is important to firstly understand what a lottery syndicate is. A lottery syndicate is a group of people who buy their lottery tickets together, and split any of their winnings amongst their group. There is an lottery syndicate called the e-lottery, and they allow people to join syndicates online.

This is important because the e-lottery syndicate also allows people to make money (or play the lottery for free) by referring other members to the lottery syndicate. Just from referring 5 people to join your lottery sydnicate you will be able to play the lottery for free, for the lifetime of those 5 people. If you refer more than 5 people you will be able to make money from the lottery syndicate. Therefore the e-lottery syndicate is basically a multi-level marketting scheme - not only does it enable people to join a lottery syndicate, but it also enables affiliate members to make money from referring new people to the syndicates, and enables the affiliates to be able to play the lottery for free.


Making Money And Playing Free With The Lottery Syndicate

It is very simple to be able to play the lottery free and even earn money from the lottery syndicate. Firstly you need to apply to become an affiliate member of the lottery syndicate. It will cost you £5 per week to be a member of the syndicate (which affiliates and players have to pay) and you will have to pay an extra £5 per year for affiliate membership. As an affiliate member you will receive your own personalised eLottery website (to help you get new referrals) as well as a load of other useful tools.

As an affiliate member of the lottery syndicate you will earn 20% commission on any of your referrals. Therefore you will earn a minimum of £1 per week per member that you introduce. This means that from referring just 5 people to the eLottery, you will effectively be playing for free. Once you refer more than 5 people you will actually start making a profit every week from the eLottery.

With the eLottery syndicate you can also make money from referring other affiliates (like yourself) to the site. You can earn a lot of money by referring other affiliates to the eLottery - 20% commission on any earnings on the first level. So if you referred 5 people who made £1,000 each, you would earn £ 1,000 (£200 x 5 = £1000). The potential for more earnings doesn't stop there either. With the eLottery syndicate you don't just earn money on your direct referrals on the very first level - it goes 8 levels deep. This means that if you referred someone who goes on to refer someone else, right down to the 8th level, you will be earning money from each of these people simply by referring the 1 person who started the whole chain off. As mentioned earlier, you earn 20% commission on your direct affiliates earnings, but you will also earn 5% commission on any other affiliates earnings, who were introduced by your affiliate). Hopefully the table below illustrates the potential earnings from just referring 4 affiliate members and 5 players.

Affiliate Members
Commission Earned
Earnings After 4 Weeks
Earnings After 1 Year


Guide To Play The Lottery Free

It doesn't take much time or effort to be able to play the lottery for free, the steps below guide you through the process.

play the lottery free Join the eLottery syndicate as an affiliate member
play the lottery for free Find 5 friends/family/work colleagues etc to join your syndicate
play free lottery Once 5 people have joined using your referral link you will be playing the lottery for free!


Getting People To Join The Syndicate

When you are an affiliate member of the eLottery syndicate you will need to start referring other people to join up - this is how you can play the lottery for free and make money. Therefore you should try to refer at least 5 people as quickly as possible (once you have you will be playing for free). This should be an easy process - lottery syndicates are always very popular, especially with lottery players. 1 in 4 National Lottery wins are won by syndicates, and the eLottery syndicate can actually improve your chances of winning by around 700%! The eLottery provides a lot of other helpful information aimed at getting new members to join the syndicates, so as an affiliate member you will have no problem signing new people up, and being able to play the lottery for free and also make money at the same time!


Link To Join The Lottery Syndicate As An Affiliate

(Make sure you select the option to become an affiliate if you want to play the lottery free or make money from the lottery)


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