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Paid Survey Website Ciao

A website which regularly sends out surveys to the user, all of which have financial rewards and only take a few minutes to complete. Ciao's main feature is that you can review thousands of household-products and post the reviews on the website, again for your personal financial gain. One of the best sites available for reviewing products and recieving surveys, with an already large following. This isn't suprising though, due to the simplicity and activeness of the website, not to mention the money being offered for using the site!

Paid Survey Website Global Test Market

Global Test Market is one of the most popular paid survey websites, based in the USA. It accepts new customers from all over the world, and has an excellent survey pay out rate. You can usually earn around 4 per 30 minute survey completed at GTM. Global Test Market regularly e-mail out their surveys to their customers. At GTM you can be sent payment by cheque when you request it (must have a minimum of 30 before requesting a cashout though).

Cashback Website Rpoints

Rpoints is a completely different website in respect to Ciao and Dooyoo. It offers you 'rpoints' for doing certain tasks, such as signing up to free websites or clicking onto certain webpages. These points are then transferred into cash, and these are extremely easy to accumulate. This is probably the best website in terms of financial gain, and is probably one of the reasons it is so popular at the moment, aswell as the fact that it is again nicely presented and simple to browse.

Cashback Website Hot Bargains UK

Hot Bargains UK is a relatively new website, and is quite similar to Rpoints in the way that it offers points (which can be converted into cash) for doing various online tasks. These involve signing up to websites, clicking on to certain websites, making purchases online and for doing other simple tasks.