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Cashback Website Hot Bargains UK


Hot Bargains UK is one of the more recent cashback sites to be launched in the UK. It seems to have built upon the success of other similar websites, to take cashback and free clicks earnings to the next level. They have now formed what is almost certainly, the most profitable site of its kind currently in use.
The format and function of HBUK is very similar to other sites such as Rpoints and Cashbag. They aim to provide users with a range of cashback, sign-up and free click offers. Hotbargains is paid by other companies and firms to generate click throughs and sales at their site.An example of this, would be that Ebay pays HBUK 10p commission every time somebody makes a bid. Then HBUK can pass on 6p of that fee to the user.


I have managed to earn 25 in one week from the site, having not spent a single penny. The main way to earn is by using Ebay. Hot Bargains pay you a fee of 4 simply for signing up to Ebay. You don't need to register as a seller so you don't need to give Ebay any of your bank details if you are conscious about security. You are then paid 6p for every bid that you make and 8p per 'Buy it Now'.

How to earn

There are various different clicks called 'Top Offers'. These pay as much as 30p a time and you can get three or four per day. There is a link to the site 'Moneysupermarket' and you can earn the reward of 25p, three times a day, for clicking through and hitting the 'Apply' button. There are the usual suspects, such as Dealtime, Kelkoo, High Street Web, Carsource and Price Guide UK also available. These can earn you at least another 1 per day.


The way that you view your earnings at HBUK, is via a special statement. These are issued weekly to all members via email. This is usually on a Tuesday, but it can be subject to change if the various retailers take longer to report clicks. The statement comes as a Microsoft Word document. All of your clicks are listed in date order, which makes it easy to see how and where you earned your points. If you study it carefully, you can work out where you can improve your overall points earnings.

You can get paid via Paypal, the safe online way of transferring money, or HBUK will pay you by sending out a cheque or by transferring the money into your bank account. All of these methods are completely safe and the website is very secure.There is currently a minimum cashout amount of 30 in place at HotBargains. It is possible redeem points in the form of a PayPal payment or by cheque. Typically these claims will be processed within 7 days of the request being made. As time progresses, the minimum amount should fall well below 30. This only exists as the site is in its early stages and needs time to generate cashflow. There is also the possibility that Amazon vouchers and Eggpay will soon be added to list the payment options.

Forums and Help

The forums list details of various points offers, old and new, that you can benefit from simply by being a member. The 'Vouchers' section is a great part of the forum that enables you to save money when shopping on the net and in the shops. There is also a 'General Discussion' section for all the chit-chat and a 'Suggestions' forum. The forums are a bit quiet at present but there is plenty of useful information to be found. The site is owned by a very competent individual who will always respond quickly to any questions or queries, you as a user of the site, may have. You are kept well up to date with any changes that are happening to the site, via the forums.

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