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Make Money Online

To get started making money online click any of the links above on the top of the page. At our website you can find out how to make money online for free - you don't have to pay anything for this information, and you don't have to pay any kind of membership fees or sign-up fees when joining the sites listed here. You can click the links above to start making money online from free to join paid survey sites, paid to review websites, cash back websites and many other ways of making money online too.

Ciao pays you money for completing online surveys, and for writing reviews on any of the thousands of products on their website. Ciao is probably the biggest of the paid surveys websites available to join, and once you have opened a free account you will have the opportunity to start being paid to answer surveys online. Make sure that after signing up you complete your application you log in and fill in your interests profile - this is so the survey site knows which kind of surveys to start e-mailing you. At Ciao you can also get paid to review products - anything from computer games to bottles of wine, there are thousands of products to write a review about. You make money every time someone reads and rates one of your reviews.

Hot Bargains UK allows you to earn money by signing up to websites, clicking onto certain websites, and for making purchases and other simple tasks too. HBUK is a cashback website - this means every time you make a purchase or complete a transaction online from clicking a link on the Hot Bargains UK website, you can earn cash back. This is an incentive to do your shopping using their cash back website, and they pay you money to shop online as a way of encouraging you to shop online using their site.

Rpoints works the same way as Hot Bargains UK, basically allowing money to be made by you, by signing up to websites and for shopping online. Rpoints is a different cash back website to HBUK, but the principle is still the way - you get paid to shop online. At Rpoints you might get paid more or less to complete certain offers, it depends completely on the activity.

Paid Surveys

Paid survey websites pay you to complete surveys which get regularly e-mailed to you. The safest and most reputable paid survey companies are completely free to join and use - never pay money to join a paid survey website as it will probably never earn you any money. Paid survey company sites pay you to answer surveys on the internet because they use the information gained from the answers you give. This information is passed on to companies as market research, but no sensitive or personal information is passed on from the surveys. This is how the paid survey sites can afford to pay you to complete surveys online. The payout rate is around £4 per 30 minute survey completed. Obviously the more surveys that you complete, the more money you can expect to earn. By joining several paid survey websites you can expect to receive more surveys to answer, and so earn more money. You are under no obligation to complete a survey when it gets sent to you, but you won't make any money if you don't answer them.

Cashback Websites

At cashback websites you can get paid to shop online, and so you can save lots of money by doing your shopping on the Internet, from a cash back website. Sometimes you can save up to % 60 of the price of your Internet shopping just by using a cash back website - this is a great saving. At cash back sites you can get paid to shop, get paid to bet, get paid to play games, get paid to open bank accounts, get paid to take out car insurance and for any other kind of online transaction or purchase. Cash back websites have affiliate relationships with various companies, so they earn commission every time someone performs a transaction online via the cash back website. The cash back company passes some of this commission on to the original shopper, as cash back - an incentive for you to shop online using their cashback website. The rate of cash back depends on a few variables - the cash back website that you use, and the affiliate relationship that cash back website has with other online retailers.

Free Paid Survey Website Links

More information can be read about paid surveys here, including links to apply to free paid survey websites.

Cash Back Website Links

More information can be read about cash back websites here, including links to apply to free cash back websites.