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clone cash system review

Subvert And Profit - Make Money Voting For Sites Online

Social media websites have suddenly become very popular in recent times, with many millions of people registered on these sites and using them on a daily basis. The sites allow users to submit web-based content and either receive positive votes or receive negative votes. The interesting or valuable content that gets submitted will usually gain a lot of votes and will find its way to the front page of the website whilst the poorer content will either receive negative votes or very few votes, and so won't make it to the front page.

Many people use these social media websites because they enjoy being able to participate in either making or breaking the latest news stories or web content, and they enjoy discovering new and interesting website content.

Who Wants To Pay To Get Website Votes?

Website owners love social media websites because not only does it create a buzz around some of their own web-content but it will usually provide some very valuable and authoritive backlinks for free, meaning that their website will probably rank higher in the search engines and will improve its current Google Page Rank rating.

Getting positive votes from the social media sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon is a very lucrative experience for website owners, and so some of them are currently willing to pay people for voting for their content. This has opened up a new market on the Internet - and now many people are currently using social media sites and getting paid for doing so.

What Is Subvert And Profit?

Subvert And Profit is quite a new website which was set up to cash in on the social media voting market, and it provides website owners with the opportunity to get thousands of votes from sites like Stumble Upon, You Tube, and Digg. The website owners simply pay a set amount of money per positive vote received. Subvert And Profit also provides social media site users to get paid for voting for content on the Internet - currently a very popular pasttime.

Currently Subvert And Profit pays its users $1 per vote made, and usually when they require you to vote on a site they will give you a list of other sites to vote for too, so you can maximise your earnings in a very short space of time. Subvert And Profit charges advertisers around $2 per vote received, and so this is how they are able to pay other people $1 per vote made (and make a profit of $1 in the process too, although this will be used to maintain and run the website etc.).

How Much Money Can You Earn?

The amount of money that you could earn from voting on Subvert And Profit will depend on a few things. It will depend on the amount of time that you will have available to votes (obviously if you have lots of free time then you will be able to earn lots of money from voting compared to someone who is constantly busy), and it will depend on the times that you are available. This is because at some points in the day Subvert And Profit will require more votes, and at other times of the day there may be no votes needed. This will happen when an advertiser needs a new campaign, and so lots of votes will be needed, and then when that advertiser hits their budget they wont be able to pay for any more votes, and so no more votes will be needed.

Another factor which will contribute to the amount of money that you can make from using Subvert And Profit is the demand from advertisers for votes. Sometimes there may be lots of advertisers requiring votes, and other times there may not be any advertisers needing votes - so it will simply depend on whether advertisers want votes or not. This is not really a factor that you can control, unfortunately.

Currently Subvert And Profit pays its members through Paypal, which is a free online money-transfer provider. You earn upto $1 per vote made, and you can only request a payment when you have hit the minimum payout amount.

Is This Legal?

Some users of Digg/Stumble Upon/You Tube may worry that their accounts could be closed or they could get banned by participating in paid-voting on the Subvert And Profit website. Although this is a possibility, it is highly unlikely due to the methods used by the Subvert And Profit site. Firstly it is okay to exchange votes with Stumble Upon and You Tube, as both those websites don't really have any problem with it (this is our public knowledge, anyway). Secondly, the site tries to hide votes made with Digg by using a variety of techniques. They ask you to vote for different sites, making sure that the kind of site you digg is always changing, and that the same people aren't digging on the same sites all the time. Another way that they try and protect you is by asking you to digg for other random, non-related sites when you digg the paid site (as to try and hide the fact that you are digging one site purposely, and to make it more random). Subvert And Profit also never link directly to the Digg website (so that Digg cannot trace where the votes come from). The site also states that they verify the users' Digg activity on the site using a variety of complex hidden proxies, again to hide the activity from Digg.

Conclusion On Making Money From Subvert And Profit

Overall Subvert And Profit could be an excellent way to earn some extra money in your spare time, simply for voting on some of their selected websites. Not only do you get to view exciting and interesting new websites whilst at the same time building up your social voting profiles, but you will be actually getting paid at the same time!

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