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clone cash system review

Make Money Playing World Of Warcraft Online

Introduction To World Of Warcraft

World Of Warcraft is an immensely popular online multiplayer RPG game, where people take control of creatures which fight against other online players, competing for land, money, and various other in-game resources. The game is a massively multiplayer online roll playing game, and can be purchased from retail stores for a cheaper than normal price of around '15. However, if you want to play the game online (as the game is designed to do) you will have to pay a monthly or yearly subscription. This enables you to play online for as long as you want (within the month or so that you have paid for), competing against other WOW players from all over the world.

The creatures that you control can be upgraded to different levels, which can be a very long and tasking process. This in itself has already created a market for World Of Warcraft - some people are willing to pay people to upgrade their own characters, using a site like eBay to bid on someone's services as a 'power-leveller'. If they win the auction or purchase the service, they will then supply that person with their WOW username and password details so that they can log on and start to upgrade the levels of your characters. Upgrading these creatures can take hours and hours of constant game play, involving fighting other players using the chosen creature, or going on special missions to boost the level of that creature.

earn money playing world of warcraft

How Money Can Be Made With World Of Warcraft

In World Of Warcraft the idea of the game is to gain money, land, and to build up an army of powerful creatures. The game has its own currency, called gold. Gold can be obtained from various sources, such as harvesting and mining the resources in the vast levels set in the game. WOW has its own marketplace too, so that any items and other things of value can be sold or traded. Gold can be purchased using real money, but it can also be attained from playing the WOW game. Certain tasks will gain you more gold than others. Gold is another item that is often being brought and sold outside the WOW game, using real money, on sites like eBay. Gold is a very valuable commodity, and many people simply can't be bothered spending lots of their time gaining gold by playing the game - they would much rather spend a few pounds and receive large quantities of gold. The only problem with purchasing and trading items outside of WOW is that there are no guarantees as it is against the end-user license agreement of WOW - if you buy some gold, you would have to meet up with your seller in the WOW game, so you would have to rely on that person making the effort to meet up in the game. It wouldn't be unheard of for the seller to disappear from the game, and you will have been scammed. This kind of thing is often happening in WOW, but there are also thousands of genuine, authentic transactions made too.

In World Of Warcraft there are two main ways to make real money playing the game. One is to offer your services at 'Power-Levelling'. This involves taking control of another users' character and playing the game for a long period of time, trying to improve their level rating of that character. Character level upgrades are possible by performing various tasks in WOW. By fighting (and hopefully winning) against other players, using the selected character, will give your attributes a boost. Eventually after so many fights your character level will increase, and you could go about fighting other characters as a way of improving this persons character levels.
The other most popular way to make money from playing World Of Warcraft is by 'Gold Farming'. This is the act of performing specific tasks for the purpose of raising virtual money, or gold. Gold is extremely valuable in the game, it can be used to purchase items for your characters which will improve their performances in WOW. Some items will improve characters fighting skills, some will improve a characters speed (so that travelling during the game is at a much faster rate, a very handy tool), etc. As these items are very valuable and useful, they can also be sold on outside of the WOW game for real money.

How Much Money Can Be Made Playing World Of Warcraft?

You should now understand how it is all very possible to be making real money from playing the virtual game World Of Warcraft. An important question to know the answer to would have to be 'how much money can be made from playing this World Of Warcraft game?'. This is actually quite a hard question to answer, it mainly depends on the location that you find yourself at, and more importantly the rate of your country's currency compared to that of the US dollar. It would also be very dependant on your country's average wage. There would be no point earning $1 an hour playing WOW when the average wage in your country is $5. Obviously this might be seen as a fun way of earning some extra cash, but if you were to be playing the game for the sole purpose of making money you would probably get very bored very quickly.

It has been reported on the Internet on many occasions that some groups and individuals in Eastern Europe and Asia are being paid a very low wage to play WOW characters for very long hours, simply with the purpose of making virtual money (gold) which would then get transferred back into real money at a later date. However this 'very low wage' might actually be an okay amount for someone living in Asia or Eastern Europe, so it really depends on your location as to whether playing World Of Warcraft would actually earn you much money.

These people that are currently making their living from playing the WOW game for the sole purpose of raising virtual money are usually performing the same tasks over and over in the game - almost like manual work. They go killing monsters that drop large amounts of money, and go on quests that usually gain themselves highly valuable in-game items such as weapons and armour. These valuable items are then sold using online websites (outside of the game of WOW). Other WOW players visit these sites on the look out for a bargain, or to look for an item that has so far eluded them in WOW. They select an item to purchase, and complete the transaction for a virtual item using real money (a credit or debit card usually). Once the transaction is complete, the user has to trust the seller and wait for them to arrange a meeting in the WOW game - where the virtual item trade can be made.

make money from playing world of warcraft online

Should I Try Earning Money From World Of Warcraft?

Making money from playing World Of Warcraft online is currently a very popular and viable opportunity, but the amount of money that you can expect to earn really depends on your requirements. If you are earning a hundred thousand pounds a year, and yet expect to be able to earn a similar amount just from playing WOW then you are living in a dream world. Of course, money is available in WOW because it is such a popular and addictive game, and many people are therefore willing to pay people to help improve levels of their characters, or to purchase valuable items to use in the game. The popularity of WOW has created its own niche market, so its up to you whether you decide to have a go playing the game to make some extra money, or whether you prefer to simply have fun and enjoy playing an excellent computer game.

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