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clone cash system review

Make Money Playing Computer Games Online

Currently MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing games) have become extremely popular with computer users. Millions of people spend hours playing these games every day because they find them to be fun and very, very addictive. At the moment the biggest MMORPG game has to be the World Of Warcraft series. This game has build somewhat of a cult following, and now has millions of online players and subscribers. With World Of Warcraft you have to purchase the game from a retailer as usual, but to play it online you will also have to pay a monthly subscription fee, usually around '10 per month.

Hopefully by now you can start to get a picture of how popular these MMORPG games are - millions of people from all over the world are willing to purchase the game WOW and even pay a monthly fee just to be able to continue playing the game online. The game itself was designed and created with the idea of being able to play against other users on the Internet, so not much fun can be had simply by buying the game and playing it offline, by yourself, in single player mode. Millions have brought the game and are paying around '100 just to be able to make full use of the game - a sure sign of how fun and addictive the WOW game is.

Now, the reason that these style of games are so popular is due to a series of factors, the main one being the 'role playing' aspect that is built in to them. In MMORPG games you get to control creatures (in WOW) or people (in other online games such as Second Life). In World Of Warcraft these characters are completely upgradeable - you can earn money and attributes to upgrade your characters. These characters all have set 'levels' and these levels can go up to the hundreds, and it can be very time consuming and challenging to improve these character levels. Also in World Of Warcraft there is a currency and even a marketplace, where people can purchase and sell items/money etc.

Now, because these games are so addictive, time consuming and also very fulfilling (some people take great pleasure in improving their characters levels/attributes in the game), people are also willing to spend real money to improve their chances of succeeding in the game. This in itself brings a whole now level to online gaming. People are actually willing to spend real money just to receive virtual money, which in a game like WOW it can be used to upgrade characters, buy land, etc.

World Of Warcraft is not the only game that is creating its own real-life money market. Another game (as briefly mentioned earlier) called Second Life is also involved on the act, and at an even greater scale than that of WOW.
Second Life is another MMORPG game, which basically enables you to live a 'second life' (as the title suggests). If you have ever played or have heard of the game The Sims, then you will probably understand Second Life a little better than most. In Second Life you control a character and you live in a virtual world. You can basically do anything you like in the game - get a job, buy a house, get a girlfriend, buy new clothes, go to music-concerts, etc. Pretty much anything you can think of is possible to be done in Second Life.

A few years ago it was announced that Second Life had created its very first millionaire - no, not virtual money, but real money. In the game itself there is a virtual currency, called Linden Dollars. In the game you can transfer real money into virtual money, and vice versa. So if you are successful at playing the game, and can gain a lot of money in Second Life, you will be able to cash in and transfer your virtual money into real money.

This article is just an introduction to the idea and concept of being able to make money by playing online multiplayer games. If you would like to learn more information about making money from World Of Warcraft or from Second Life, click the links below.


make money playing world of warcraft online

Make Money Playing World Of Warcraft


make money playing second life online

Make Money Playing Second Life

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