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Make Money From Videos Online

As we have already mentioned on many occasions on the Paid To Review website, in the Internet world content is king. Website owners are always looking to add interesting or exciting new content to their pages, in an effort to bring more traffic to their site, and thus generate more revenue from these extra visitors. Another new and highly popular online media is video - millions of websites currently show videos as a way of interacting further with their website visitors. A funny video can be worth thousands of pounds in revenue due to the amount of extra traffic and 'buzz' it can bring to a website. This is why it is currently very possible to make large amounts of money from your own recorded videos.

Ways To Make Money From Videos Online

There are many different ways of making money from your videos. If you have the skills required, you could set up a simple website, place your videos on some of the pages, and also place related advertisements/affiliate links on the same pages. Hopefully your videos will give your website a lot of traffic and therefore hopefully a lot of advertising revenue. However you may struggle to get people to visit your site in the first place.

Another way you can make money from your videos is by going directly to the sites that already display videos - and see how much money they are willing to pay you for your videos. Although you may be offered a large chunk of money for the sole publishing rights for your videos, do remember that the website you are selling to will obviously be able to make money from displaying your videos on their pages - so try and settle for a price which is going to be fair for you.

So far we have shown you two completely different ways of making money from your videos - firstly you can go the direct and personal route - setting up your own site which will display the videos directly, and adding advertisements to the pages. Although all money generated by the videos will be yours to keep fully, you will need to set up the site, host the videos on your web servers, and most importantly you will need to be able to get lots of traffic to your site in the first place. The other way of making money from your videos is right at the end of the scale - approach other video-hosting sites and charge them a fee for using your video. With this method you will have no other input or say in the matter - so will simply get a set fee for your video, and then that will be end of the matter (regardless of how much money your video may or may not generate).

The other way of making money from your videos is a little more in the center of the previous 2 money making methods. You can sign up to a video site, upload your videos, and then can receive a percentage share of the revenue generated by your videos. With this method you will be guaranteed to get lots of video views as the site you will use probably already receives lots of traffic, so this is something you won’t have to worry about. You will also probably be able to promote your videos using other social-media type websites, simply by linking back to your video pages. And most importantly you will receive a share of all money that your video generates, so you can be certain that you won’t be getting ripped off in anyway - if your video is good you will make money, if it is bad then you probably won’t make any money!

What Kind Of Videos Do I Need To Make Money?

If you want to be able to make money from your videos then there will be a few requirements that your videos will need to meet. Usually the most popular videos will be funny videos - funny content is probably the most popular kind of thing on the Internet (perhaps as well as pornographic material) so if you are able to create a very entertaining video then you will probably be able to make lots of money from it. You must also remember that nowadays the Internet is extremely viral, so by having a video which people find funny, you are almost certain for the video to take off virally simply by friends passing videos on for others to watch, to share in their amusement. As mentioned briefly before, pornographic material is always in demand on the Internet, so if you are that way inclined you could always get in touch with some of the adult-video websites and sell them your own videos. If you do choose to go down this route you will probably be limited to the way in which you can make money from these videos - you will probably only have the option of being able to sell your video to websites, as we don’t think that many adult sites offer a revenue-share for your videos. Of course if you wanted to you could also set up your own site to display your adult videos, but again it will be hard to get much traffic to your site unless you know what you are doing. Probably the third most popular kind of video on the Internet is those that can shock. These are the “Jackass” style videos, where people either do something crazy (such as jumping off a high building) or do something completely stupid (such as setting themselves on fire) or perhaps even a bit of both. Although we don’t recommend that you do any of the above simply to make a little extra money (it probably won’t be worth the injuries that you are bound to incur), videos in which people injure themselves or which completely shock viewers are sure to make a lot of money. It will be worth finding a site that is going to pay for this kind of content before you have a go at filming your videos, as it will be quite annoying to create a video of you jumping off a 20 foot building only to find that the video websites no-longer pay people for posting dangerous or stupid videos highly unlikely but will be worth checking beforehand, you may even be able to find out how much money you can expect to earn from your video before creating it).

What Do I Need To Make Money From Videos Online?

To make money from videos on the Internet you will need a few things. Firstly you will obviously need a good, high quality video camera. These are quite cheap nowadays, so it’s well worth purchasing one if you would like to be able to make money from your videos (there’s no point creating an amazing video when the picture quality is so poor that no-one else can see what’s actually happening).

You will also need to have some kind of idea for your video, perhaps you are going to perform some kind of a stunt, or maybe you are going to sing and dance to some kind of song wearing just your underwear. Either way you need to have some kind of idea for your video, or you need to be able to create some entertaining and high quality video clips.

Finally you will need to have found a website to use to make money from your videos, either by selling the complete rights to your video, by uploading your video and earning a revenue-share, or perhaps even by marketing your video yourself on your own website.


Video Websites That Pay You To Upload Your Videos

Break - At Break you can earn upto $2000 for every video you upload to their website. You can also get paid to upload images too, with a wide range of opportunities to make money at their site.

WeShow - At WeShow you can upload videos to your pages and then earn money everytime someone clicks on an advert on the same pages as your videos.

Flixya - Very similar to the above WeShow website - upload your videos and you will then earn money everytime someone clicks on an advert on the same pages as your videos.

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