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clone cash system review

Helium - Make Money Online With Helium

Click here to open a free Helium account

Helium is a very exciting and rewarding website where users from all over the world can come and write articles on a variety of subjects, and earn money by doing so.
The website works in the same kind of manner as the Ciao product review website. Users make money from submitting articles to the website, earning money each time the article gets read.

Helium is a reasonably new website but already has millions of active members from all across the world. The website is full of articles on a wide range of varied topics, and many highly skilled writers are earning lots of money from submitting their own pieces of work to the website.

How Do You Earn Money With Helium?

The website consists of thousands of different articles, all written by different members of the website. These articles are supposed to be based on the knowledge and life-experience of these members - Helium encourages its users to write about things that they know. So for example if you were a fitness instructor you might want to write and submit articles relating to exercise and fitness.

Helium states that users can earn money from submitting articles to the website. This money comes from the advertising revenues obtained by the Helium website. If you visit the site you should notice that there are advertisements on just about every page on Helium. The more times the adverts get displayed (or clicked, depending on the advertising system in place) Helium will earn more money. Helium states that the more your article gets read, the more money you will earn from your article.

Therefore the main way of earning money from Helium is by submitting articles to the site. The more articles you write, the more money you can expect to earn. Also if you write really interesting articles, and manage to get a lot of views to your articles, you will earn a higher percentage of the available Helium money.

Helium also runs debates on the website. This is where you simply leave your own opinion on a subject that the debate is focused on, and you will again earn money for doing so. Again the amount of money is dependant on the amount that Helium earns.

Another way of making money from the Helium website is by winning any of the contests that they often run. Helium have many contests available to take part in, for example they are currently rewarding the user who writes the most articles before a deadline of April 2008. The winner will receive a cash bonus. Helium often run these kinds of contests to encourage users to write and submit articles on a regular basis.

Helium also has its own marketplace directly on the website, and this is where people can request articles on certain subjects, paying the users who create these articles. This is an excellent place for writers to earn large amounts of money for creating content specifically for 'publishers'. These publishers will use your article - usually on their own website, blog, or maybe magazine, and if your article is accepted you will be paid the set amount of money for writing the article. The marketplace contains hundreds of different subjects and also displays the price that the publisher is willing to pay per article. You simply chose an article topic that you would like to write about, and then submit it on the website. You can earn a lot of money simply by using the Helium marketplace, let alone using the Helium website in the way that most people use it.

How To Increase Your Earnings With Helium

If you have written an article for Helium but aren't currently making much money from it, there are a few factors that might help you to boost your earnings. Did you write about a subject that has a higher natural value? For example, if you wrote about chocolate, you would not make as much money as someone who wrote about credit cards. This is because the adverts that appear on a credit card article will have a higher rate of payment then adverts on a chocolate article. Therefore you might want to write about more lucrative subjects in the future.

Apart from writing to a good standard, the other recommended way of improving your earnings with Helium is by getting more people to read your articles. This can be done externally, outside of the Helium website. For example, you might pass the website link to your Helium article on to your friends or family. Or you might add a link to it from your website or blog. The more views your article receives, the more money you will be able to earn from your article at Helium. This is why you should try and get as many people to visit the link as possible (obviously without spamming anywhere).

Another excellent way of increasing your earnings at Helium is by using the refer-a-friend scheme. Currently Helium pays %5 of any of your referrals earnings as a bonus to you. So if you referred someone to Helium who earns '100, you will earn '5. The refer a friend feature was introduced by Helium to try and get even more users registered to the website.

How And When Do You Get Paid By Helium?

It is natural that after writing successful articles on the Helium website you will want to get rewarded for your hard work. Helium currently pays its members by Paypal only. Paypal is an online form of sending money, and you can apply for a Paypal account for free regardless of your location in the world.

You must have earned a minimum of $25 before you will be eligible to receive payment by Helium, so you will have to make sure that you have made at least $25 in your account at Helium before you request a payment.

Conclusion On The Helium Website

Helium is a very interesting and exciting website where people from all over the world can come and share their knowledge or experiences with other people. This on its own would probably appeal to most people, but the fact that Helium pays its members for writing on the website is a huge bonus. The popularity of the website is growing on a daily basis, and many respected and intelligent writers are currently earning money whilst improving the quality and size of the Helium site, and there's no reason why others can't do the same. It is completely free to become a member of the site, so we recommend that you join Helium today and start making some money from writing articles online.

Link To Join The Helium Website

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