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clone cash system review

Get Paid To Play Games Online And Make Money Playing Cash Games Online

There are hundreds of online gaming websites that allow people to compete against other people over the Internet, with the winner receiving a cash prize as a reward. Obviously it does cost to compete in these online cash games, and this is how you are able to make money from playing games online; the money used to play the game is passed on to the winner of the match, so therefore it pays to be good at playing these games.

There are many different games to choose from, from playing games like backgammon and card based games, to playing simple shooting or driving games. You play the game directly on the game website, with no need to install any extra programs or software although you will need to have the latest version of Flash installed on your computer (most of the games are flash based, and if this isn't installed on your machine the game simply wont load on your computer).

These online games are very simple and very addictive, and you can easily spend hours just trying to beat your personal score, or to try and win a cash prize. Obviously you won't make any money if you are no good at playing these games ' so practice makes perfect. Luckily most sites will let you play for free as you practice, so make sure if possible you play the game for free for as long as possible ' this eliminates the likelihood of you losing any games and losing any money. Make sure you have read the instructions and rules of the game completely, just so you understand any bonuses/secrets that are on offer during the game.

Get Paid to Play Computer Games

With computer games become a bigger industry than movies now there is more and more work for computer game testers. Testers may be required to test levels of new games, do psychology tests on puzzle games or even find out any bugs/errors that may crop up whilst playing.

Check out how you can earn cash playing computer games here

Make Money Playing Poker

Believe it or not many people nowadays make an entire living just by playing poker online. The professional players just simply analyze each player by watching their play on a ring game table then they swoop down and try to second guess what hand they have by the way they're playing. Just by playing safe on ring games you can slowly build up your pot (only betting on the hands were you'll defiantly win). You can start with low stakes until you hone your skills and work your way up to the bigger and bigger tables. When you're very confident in your skills you can enter tournaments for a huge cash prize with a small buy-in. If you become a regular poker player then you'll be eligible to enter into poker freerolls which is a free to enter event with several cash payout's for the top players, i.e. you can win without paying a penny! It's also worth giving a try out as you can even play real people using "play money" to get the hang of the game before you commit any money.

Click here to play
Titan Poker have more players than anyone right now at all levels


Make Money Playing Games Online

When you have practiced playing at no risk for as long as possible, have a go at playing a low-risk cash game. Most games cost around 35 pence to play, and this will be when you compete directly against another online opponent. The person with the highest points score will win around 60 pence (the online games site will obviously take a cut first), and the loser will be 35 pence out of pocket. When you feel confident and are comfortable taking on other opponents, have a go at a different variation of the game that you are playing. Some games will charge about £1.50 to play, and there could be several entries with the winner receiving a prize fund of £70 and runner-up-prizes for the other entries who do well.
After reading this so far you might feel a little cheated; obviously if you are good at playing games online then you have a chance of winning some money, and this is the same with any kind of online games ' poker, backgammon, betting, etc. However, by using a cashback website you can actually be paid to play games online.

Click here to learn how to make a living playing computer games

How To Get Paid To Play Games Online Using Cashback Websites

cashback website ecashbackTake an online games website like GameAccount. This is one of the biggest gaming websites around, with millions of users worldwide. To start playing games on here for cash you will need to make a cash deposit. The minimum cash deposit you can make here is £10. If you join a free cashback website and then click their link to join GameAccount, you can earn around £10 cash back. Therefore if you use the cashback site and join GameAccount, deposit the £10 and then start playing games on their website for real money, you will earn £10 from the cashback website ' meaning you are playing the games at absolutely no risk. Even if you lose all the games played with the £10 that you have deposited, you will still have the £10 cashback to fall back on ' so you have lost no money at all, and have gained hours of free online gaming. And then there's the opportunity to practise these games for free, and actually beat people when playing the online games ' you can easily double your money just from a few practise games, as well as earning £10 cashback at the same time.

Click here for a list of Cashback Websites

Finding Cash Skill Game Websites

There are hundreds of online gaming sites available to join for free which allow you to compete online for cash, and thankfully a lot of these sites are listed on cashback websites. This means you can get paid money to play games online, and once you have finished playing at one site you can just go on to the next games site ' just think of the cashback money you could earn.

free sports bet

Then after taking advantage of the online gaming sites, you can go on to the online poker sites, and then the online betting sites. There are always ways to make money using the cashback websites, and there is always a way around throwing your money away when playing online games.