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clone cash system review

FOREX programs: Trade currencies online

The Foreign Exchange Market (also known as FOREX, FX, and currency trading) is an increasingly popular way of making money online. FOREX was originally started to enable banks and other institutions to convert one currency for another but an increasing percentage of traders are non professionals using it to make a profit from the fluctuations in exchange rates between currencies. It may sound complicated but there are a lot of new software programs making it easier and cheaper than ever for ordinary people to make money trading currencies. It also has the advantage of being a 24 hour market which lets people make live trades at any time making it easy for people to fit in around their current jobs. Most of these programs offer a free practice account so you can sign up and get a feel for the market and how to use their software. The best FOREX trading programs are listed below, with links to sign up for free demos.

More information on the Foreign Exchange Market


Foreign Exchange Market Platforms - US, UK, & Worldwide Programs

Optionbit - Top Recommended FOREX trading program

Website Link: Optionbit

optionbit offers the easiest and simpliest to use free trading program we tried. With personal trading coaches and a practice account that lets you make trades using real time market rates they are a great program for beginners wanting to learn how to use FOREX. All demo accounts get entered into the weekly Trading Challenge where the top 30 traders can win cash prizes to start trading for real. They also offer up to a $1000 bonus for new accounts.

Countries: Download etoro Forex Trading software available to UK Download etoro Forex Trading software available in Germany Download etoro Forex Trading software in Greece Download etoro Forex Trading software available in USA Download etoro Forex Trading software from Italy

Our Rating: Forex trading software eToro rating; 5 stars

Click to Read Our Full Review of Optionbit



Million Dollars Pips Easy-FOREX - program for experienced FOREX users

Website Link: Easy-FOREX

Forex Trading Software Review Easy-ForexEasy-FOREX The first real million dollar forex robot. Uses a unique scalping strategy to bring in quick pips with literally less than 5 pip stop loss!

Countries: easy forex site available to UK easy forex available in USA easy forex trading for Canada 

Our Rating: Forex Trading Program rating; 5 stars

Click to Read Our Full Review of Easy-Forex



Penny Stock Prophets

Website Link: PennyStock

forex yard reviewOverall we were thoroughly impressed by this trading platform. Easy, reliable and ram packed with training tools and resources, even novice traders can soon learn how to quickly harness this universal niche and become successful.

Countries: forex yard is available for USA forex yard for Canada forex yard available for UK easy forex site available to UK

Our Rating:forex yard rating; 5 stars

Click to Read Our Full Review of Penny Stock Prophets


FXCM - Best multi-language program

Website Link: FXCM

FXCM FXCM offers users a trading platform in over 12 languages.

Countries: FXCM only available in the UK

Our Rating: FXCM forex site rating; 4.5 stars

Link To Visit and Download FXCM


ACM - Multi-national FOREX trading program

Website Link: ACM

forex trading platform ACMREVIEW COMING SOON!

Countries: ACM available in US

Our Rating: forex site ACM rating; 3 stars

Link To Visit and Download ACM



Website Link: Interbankfx


Countries: Interbankfx available in USA Interbankfx is available for UK Interbankfx forex available in Spain Join Interbankfx in Germany Join Interbankfx in Italy

Our Rating:forex site Interbankfx rating; 3.5 stars

Link To Visit and Download Interbankfx

Website Link:


Countries: International

Our Rating: foreign exchange

Link To Visit and Download



Website Link: GOMarkets

paid forex site GOMarketsREVIEW COMING SOON!

Countries: International

Our Rating: GOMarkets Rating; 4.5 stars

Link To Visit and Download GOMarkets



Website Link: LeverageFX

LeverageFX platformREVIEW COMING SOON!

Countries: LeverageFX site available to UK

Our Rating: LeverageFX Website forex rating; 4.5 stars

Link To Visit and Download LeverageFX



Website Link: AVA FX


Countries: AVA FX available for USA and international people & International

Our Rating: AVA FX rating; 4 stars

Link To Visit and Download AVA FX


Foreign Exchange Market Terms

Remember if you're new to FOREX to use one of the demo accounts to learn how that software works and familiarise yourself with the market. FOREX trading can involve significant financial risk even for experienced traders.

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