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clone cash system review

Ebay Copy Writing - Make Money As A Copy Writer

When selling valuable items on eBay it is highly important that the seller spends time creating an auction listing that is clearly structured, highly informative about the product that is being sold, and probably most importantly is able to grab the auction-viewer's attention, tempting them into making a bid on that item.

Due to the fact that many professional sellers on eBay are constantly busy arranging auctions, invoicing customers, packing and dispatching products, a new market has emerged; eBay copy writing. This is simply the process of writing an auction listing on behalf of an auction seller.

What Does An Ebay Copy Writer Do?

An eBay copy writer will approach an auction seller (usually looking for sellers who have poor auction listings yet sell large amounts of items) and ask them if they need a copy writer. Occasionally the copy writer will either ask for a set fee for their services , but more commonly the copy writer will ask to be paid a percentage of the final auction selling price.

How Much Money Do Ebay Copy Writers Make?

Copy writers on eBay usually ask the seller for a final cut of the auction selling price because they feel it is a fair way to get paid for their services. The eBay copy writer has enough motivation to write a good, tempting auction listing because they will be getting a percentage of the final price of the auction. If the copy writer only bothers writing a scruffy, uninformative and dull auction listing, the item for sale probably wont sell for a very high price, and so the copy writer wont receive much money for their work. Therefore it is in the copy writers best interest to write an auction listing that is going to help the item to sell at a good price.


Most eBay copy writers will specifically target the sellers of highly valuable and profitable items, who sell on a regular basis. For example, someone might sell the latest laptops on eBay, on a regular basis. These laptops might sell for around '800 a piece. If the copy writer was to work with that seller, they might be earning 1% of the final auction price, which in this case would be '8. '8 isn't a bad amount of money for simply creating a piece of text for an auction listing, and if that seller is selling the same sort of items over and over again, the copy writer can simply make one or two changes to the auction listing text and will still be receiving 1% of the final auction price.
Obviously by targeting sellers of high-priced items, copy writers will be able to receive far more money for their work.

Finding Ebay Copy Writing Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a copy writer for eBay sellers, your best bet to find some work is to try and directly contact sellers on the auction site. Look out for sellers who don't have the best auction listings, and try to use the 'Contact Member' feature on the eBay site, but do be careful not to spam or hassle members of the site. Explain to them that you could potentially increase the final price of their auction by writing the auction listing on their behalf, and ask if you could be rewarded with a final cut of the selling price. Most sellers would be happy to have someone be their copy writer as it would save themselves a lot of time and hassle (as they don't have to spend their time writing the listing) and it would probably earn them more money too.

Another good place to find potential employees would be on many of the eBay dedicated forum sites, where lots of the top auction sellers communicate with other sellers, exchanging tips and advice related to selling on eBay. If you keep an eye out on the sellers who are dealing with valuable items, and which require good auction listings, you can simply contact them directly on the site and send them a message. The worst that could happen is that they refuse your offer of being an eBay copy writer - and then you can simply try contacting another seller (its not as if there's just a few people who make a living selling items on eBay; there are thousands).

Requirements For Becoming An eBay Copy Writer

If you want to start making money online as an eBay copy writer there is a few requirements that you will need to meet first. You need to have good writing skills, and have a good command of the English language (most auction listings are written in English). Good writing skills are required because you will need to be able to write an informative and interesting auction listing, which isn't always that simple. You will also need to have time available to be able to write the auction listings, whenever they may be required. An instant messenger program such as MSN Messenger might be a good idea to install on your computer, as you would be able to keep in touch with the person that you are copy writing for. It would also be a good idea to have some kind of word processing software so that you can create and save your various auction listings.

Conclusion On Making Money As An Ebay Copy Writer

Making money online as a copy writer with eBay can be a very lucrative and rewarding job. The best way to go about working as a copy writer is to target the sellers that are constantly selling pricey items on the site, and if you can arrange to do work for them you should be able to make quite a nice amount of money on a recurring basis. The hardest part of the job will be finding sellers to write for, so don't give up when you find that you are getting turned down. Keep looking for new members to target, and try your best to sell your services to them.
To be a successful eBay copy writer you will need a lot of time, patience, and will also need good writing skills. If you meet the above criteria, you should easily be able to make money online as an eBay copy writer.


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