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clone cash system review

Earn Money From The Lottery

First things first, I am not normally a fan of any kind of lottery games, as I feel the chances of winning are far too slim for my liking. I prefer to put my money in to good use, and I feel the lottery is not what I consider to be a good investment. It is also worth pointing out that this is not some kind of trick to help you win the lottery, I am not going to be describing a system which will enable you to "beat" the lottery system and I am not going to be telling you how you can win the lottery.

This article is based around the online lottery syndicate type websites, and focuses on the e-lottery syndicate website, telling you how you can make money from joining the syndicate. You will have the opportunity to play the lottery for free, and will have the chance to make money by introducing people to the lottery.

At this point in the article I will tell you that this money-making-technique is not completely free ' you will need to pay some money to get yourself going. I know this is unlike the Paid To Review website, as most ways of making money online that are discussed here are completely free to do. However, sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate, and in the case of the e-lottery website you will need to pay money to play the game and to pay for affiliate membership. You will have the choice of a 14-day money-back guarantee if you aren't happy with the site, though it is highly recommended that you stick with the program. It also doesn't take long to recoup your fee and to start making money from the lottery.


What Is The E-Lottery?

The e-lottery website is an online lottery syndicate. Millions of people play the lottery online using the website, paying a minimum of £5 per week to play. This may sound like quite a large amount of money (hopefully none of you spend this much of your money on the National Lottery!) but you must remember that the e-lottery is different. With the e-lottery you actually have a fair chance of winning ' by using it you have a greater than 700% chance of winning a UK National Lottery jackpot, and a 3,600% greater chance of winning the Euro Millions jackpot.


How To Make Money From The Lottery

The e-lottery website has an opportunity for people to become affiliates for the website. That means if you introduce other people to the syndicate, you will earn money. If you can get 5 people to join the website and play the lottery, you will be able to play the lottery for free. Otherwise it would cost you £5 per week to play. Therefore you are getting £1 per person you refer (presuming that they only pay £5 per week). This is a commission of 20%. So if you refer someone that pays £10 per week, you would get £2 commission per week.

To become an affiliate of the website you have to pay a £5 yearly fee. This fee pays for your own version of the e-lottery website, which you can refer people to, to get them to join the site. You will also receive a welcome pack in the post, including a membership card and some other lottery promotional materials.


How To Play The Lottery Free

It is possible to play the lottery for free if you join the syndicate as an affiliate member, and refer just 5 people.

If you want to become an affiliate of the e-lottery website, you will also have to participate in the lottery. You can choose to play the UK National Lottery or the Euro Millions Lottery, and will need to pay £5 per week for your tickets. This may seem like quite a lot of money, but you must remember that you have a very good chance of winning money on the lottery ' 1 in 13 chances of winning a prize on the UK national lottery, and 1 in 4 chances of winning a prize on the Euro Millions lottery. Also you must remember that once you have referred 5 people you will be playing the game for free for the length of their subscription. So this £5 weekly fee on lottery tickets will be easily regained, and then you will be able to start earning a profit from the lottery when you introduce even more members.

If you think of just your family and friends, there must be a handful of people who would be willing to play the lottery online. If you can get just 5 people to sign up, you will be able to play for free. Then if you can build this number of referrals up, you will be able to earn money for the lifetime of these customers.


Making Money As A Lottery Syndicate Affiliate

It is very possible to be earning as much as £10,000 a year just from promoting the lottery sydicate website. As an affiliate of the sydnicate you not only earn money for referring new syndicate members, but you also earn money for referring new syndicate affiliates - and make money on their referrals too. This is because the system rewards you for referrals activity up to 4 levels. So if you refer an affiliate who refers an affiliate who refers an affiliate, you will be earning a percentage of each of these affiliates earnings! Hopefully the table below explains the potential syndicate earnings a little better.

Number Of Affiliates
Income Per 4 Weeks
Income Per Year

As you can see from the table, just by referring 5 affiliates (who then go on to each refer 5 affiliates, and so on, 4 levels deep) you will end up earning £10,335 per year.


Conclusion On Earning Money From The Lottery

The best way to make money from the e-lottery affiliate program is by introducing people to play the lottery online, and if you have your own website or blog, then you are already in a great position to start promoting it. Simply display some banners or advertisements on your sites, and you will be able to get people to sign up under your user account.

The e-lottery is well worth joining as an affiliate, you can easily make a nice profit from referring people to play the lottery online ' and at the same time you have a very good chance of winning the lottery yourself, which can't be bad! Even if you aren't happy with the program before 14 days of use, you will be eligible for a full money refund, so you won't have lost out on anything.

The lottery is always going to grow in popularity so I recommend that you sign up as an affiliate today and start making money from this opportunity, and start referring some fellow syndicate affiliates!

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