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Cashback Websites

Cashback websites are a great way of making (or saving) money online, for free. Lots of people don't realise that when you make a transaction on the Internet (purchase a product, apply for a credit card, make a bet, etc) you could be earning cashback - enabling you to save large amounts of cash on your shopping. You can earn cashback for performing various transactions - you can even get paid cashback when you open an online bank account, or apply for a magazine subscription, along with loads of other things. More information on cashback websites

A few of the most popular cashback websites are listed below, each with their own links to join them for free - so you can start to get paid to shop online.

Cashback Websites - UK & Worldwide Based Cashback Sites

ebuyandsave- Top Featured Site

Website Link: ebuyandsave

cashback website ebuyandsaveebuyandsavehas a great deal of leverage with some major companies including Dixons, Currys,, M&S,, E-on and many many more. Shopping though ebuyandsavewill earn you a few percent of whatever you purchase back in cash. As well as the cashback you'll receive a free £5.00 bonus when you sign up. The ebuyandsavesite has made headline news and now has over 1,000 online stores where you can save many £££'s at.

Countries: ebuyandsavesite available to UK

Our Rating: Paid Survey Website Toluna rating; 5 stars

Link To Join The ebuyandsave Cashback Website



Life Style Surveys

Website Link: LifeStyle Surveys

Get paid cashback with line my pocketLine My Pockets offers an excellent 2% cashback deal. Lifestyle Surveys is collecting consumer information in return for a chance to win £1,000 in grocery money. This is a sure winner with great brand support and a short, simple to complete form immediately.

Countries: ebuyandsavesite available to UK

Our Rating: Cashback Website Shop Money rating; 5 stars

Link To Join The Life Style Cashback Site


Shop Money

Website Link: Shop Money

Get paid cashback with Shop MoneyShop Money is a well established UK based cashback website which offers one of the best rates of cashback currently possible. The site is very well designed and easy to use, and has thousands of members already using the site to earn cashback on their Internet shopping. Shop Money is completely free to join and use and is currently our favourite cashback website.

Countries: United Kingdom

Our Rating: Cashback Website Shop Money rating; 5 stars

Link To Join The Shop Money Cashback Site


Rpoints Cashback Website

Website Link: Rpoints

Cashback Website RpointsRpoints is one the most popular cashback sites. The rate of cashback is very good, but the site also has a feature where it will match any competitor site's rate of cashback. This means you can get the best rate of cashback by using Rpoints. You also get to be part of a great community when using the Rpoints forums, where lots of bargains/freebies/advice is given out on a daily basis...More Information

Countries: International (UK site)

Our Rating: Cashback site Rpoints rating; 5 stars

Link To Join Rpoints Cashback Site


Cashbaq Freebie Fix

Website Link: Cashbaq

Get paid cashback with CashbaqCashbaq Freebie Fix is a very well established and popular American based Cashbaq website. The site has thouands of retailers listed and offers very competitive rates of cashback too. The site also pays all new members $5 simply for joining, and it has a very lucrative referral program where you can earn 10% of what your referrals earn, and then 5% of what their referrals earn, and then 2% of what their referrals earn.

Countries: International (American Site) + UK

Our Rating: Cashback Website Cashbaq rating; 4.5 stars

Link To Join The Cashbaq Cashback Site


Cashback Websites - UK Only Cashback Sites

eDeals UK Cashback Website

Website Link: eDeals UK

Earn cash back every time you shop online at eDeals UKeDeals UK is still quite a new cashback website but it is already one of the best, with high rates of cashback and a very reliable tracking system in place which means you should never miss a payment from the site. This cashback website also allows payments to be sent by Paypal or Cheque, so you should have no problems when it comes to receiving your cashback payments.

Countries: United Kingdom

Our Rating: Cash back Website eDeals uk rating; 4 stars

Link To Join eDeals UK Cashback Site


Cashback Kings Cashback Website

Website Link: Cashback Kings

Earn money whilst you shopCashback Kings is a very new cashback website and is very similar to the Rpoints website. At Cashback Kings they will pay the highest possible rate of cashback, and even if you do find another website which offers more cashback, Cashback Kings will still match that price. It only costs £5 per year to use Cashback Kings, which is taken from any earnings made. If you were previously a member of a cashback site that also charges a yearly fee (such as Quidco), Cashback Kings will actually let you use the site for free.

Countries: United Kingdom

Our Rating: Cashback Website Cashback Kings

Link To Join Cashback Kings Cashback Site


Cash 4 Phones Cashback Website

Website Link: Free Fivers

Get paid to shop online with Free FiversCash 4 Phones and Free Fivers is another cashback website which rewards its users with "points" as they shop online. The more money they spend, the more points they accumulate. You can convert these points into various gift vouchers on the Free Fivers cashback website. The Free Fivers site is a well established and popular UK based cashback website.

Countries: United Kingdom

Our Rating: Cashback website Free Fivers rating; 3 stars

Link To Join Free Fivers Cash 4 Phones Cashback Site


Cashbin Cashback Website

Website Link: Cashbin

Get money for shoppingCashbin is yet another relatively new cashback website aimed specifically at the UK consumer. The website looks quite different from all the other cashback sites, and although it may look a little less serious than the other cashback websites on this page it still provides a very healthy rate of cashback to the user. The Cashbin site often runs various online competitions with some excellent cash prizes. The site is therefore a bit of a mix between a cashback and a competition site. At the moment all new users will receive a £3 bonus when they open an account with Cashbin.

Countries: United Kingdom

Our Rating: Cashback Website Cashbin

Link To Join Cashbin Cashback Site


Cashback Websites Information

Cashback websites are an excellent source of earning money on the Internet, especially if you ever do any kind of shopping online. By clicking a link to your chosen retailer from the cashback website, and then continuing as usual to make your purchases, you will be earning money (or cashback). So if you were to spend £100 at website Amazon, you might earn %5 cashback if you had clicked on to the Amazon shop from the cashback website that you joined. The cashback website would have tracked this transaction, and so you would have earned £5 in your account at the cashback site.

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Therefore cashback websites enable you to purchase goods and services online at the lowest possible prices available. Shopping online is usually cheaper then shopping on the highstreet, but with the introduction of cashback websites you are now able to shop online at the cheapest possible prices - even cheaper than the usual Internet price (which is usually already cheaper then the highstreet price). This is why cash back websites are invaluable, and are a must for any person that ever does any kind of shopping online.


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