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clone cash system review

Affiliate Programs - Make Money As An Affiliate

Making money from affiliate programs is probably the most popular way to make money on the Internet, with the majority of all websites on the Internet having some form of affiliate links to help them generate some revenue.

The affiliate links usually direct you to an online shop, where you can complete a purchase of a specific item. The website that displayed the affiliate link that generated the sale would earn some form of commission ' perhaps %10 of the total transaction value.

Therefore the website displaying the affiliate link is happy, because they have just earned money directly from a visitor to their website, in the form of affiliate commission. The affiliate company is also happy because they have just generated a new sale, without having to actually do any work (except for the work involved in setting up the affiliate program).

Affiliate Programs To Join

The great thing about affiliate programs is that there are so many different categories of websites to be affiliated with, so no-matter what the topic of your website is, you will still be able to find a website to be affiliated with. If you are able to display products on your website that are actually related to the topic of your website, you will be far more likely to be able to make money as an affiliate. So many online-companies have their own affiliate programs, so you are really spoilt for choice when it comes to displaying affiliate links on your own website.

Usually most website owners decide on displaying either affiliate links or text/image advertisements. With the adverts they only tend to earn a small amount of money per click received, whereas with an affiliate program if they can just manage a couple of sales from a few hundred clicks, they will probably earn an impressive amount of money (usually more so than from just people clicking the advertisements).

Clickbank - Top Featured Site

Website Link: ClickBank

clickbank affiliate programClickbank is the worlds largest marketplace for digital products. As an affiliate, you have instant access to over 10,000 digital products covering just about every topic imaginable. Most Clickbank products offer a very generous commission, often over 50% of the sales price. This makes it possible for top affiliates to make thousands of dollars each month. The products are ranked by popularity, so you instantly know which items are hot sellers. Clickbank are known as one of the largest and most reputable affiliate programs online.

Countries: International

Our Rating: clickbank affiliate program 4.5 stars

Link To Join Clickbank


Market Health

Website Link: Market Health

market health affiliate programThe Market Health Affiliate Network is one of the leading performance marketing networks of the Beauty, Health, Weight loss and Skin care industries. Market Health offer great incentives (commission and payments promotions) for affiliates and thousands of active affiliates and high conversion on leads for merchants. As an affiliate you can earn up to 60% commissions on product sales and there member's area offers you everything you need to make money online, even if you are new to internet marketing.

Countries: International

Our Rating:Market health affiliate program; 4.5 stars

Link To Join Market Health



Website Link: More Niche

Affiliate program MoreNicheMoreNiche is a leading affiliate network that allows you to work online from the comfort of your living room. MoreNiche have a wide range of products to promote, from health to gaming, from make money to investing. Best of all every product can earn you up to and beyond $175 for one single sale. The earning possibilities are endless, no more working for a fixed wage - there is no limit to your income! If you think you don't know enough to join an affiliate program then think again. MoreNiche offer the best support to their affiliates, and that includes complete beginners.

Products: Health / Love / Investing / Make Money / Gaming

Countries: International

Our Rating: MoreNiche rating; 5 stars

Link To Join MoreNiche

Revenue From Affiliate Programs

The amount of money you can expect to earn from affiliate programs will completely depend on the subject of your website. In this respect, affiliate programs are quite similar to other advertising programs, in the sense that some categories are more lucrative than others. For example, if you have a gambling related website and joined an affiliate program, you could earn around £20 per sale. However, if you had a celebrity pictures website, you might think a program like a mobile-phone ringtones program would suit the site. This would probably earn you around £2 per sale. If you had a football website you might display affiliate links to an online football shop. This will probably only earn you around %5 of orders made from the affiliate links on your pages, which would probably only translate to around £2.50 per sale. Therefore the amount of money that you could earn from affiliate programs will depend entirely on the category of your website (as well as the popularity of your website, obviously).

Joining An Affiliate Program

If you find a website that you would like to be affiliated with, it is best to go directly to that website and have a look at some of the links on the site. Sometimes you will find that a website has its own affiliate program directly on their website. In this case you will simply fill in the application form on their website, and wait to see if you are accepted into the affiliate programs.

Some websites might not appear to have their own affiliate programs, but if this is the case there is still a high chance that they do have an affiliate program, but that they are members of an affiliate portal. This basically means that they use a third party to manage the affiliate program. Popular affiliate portals like the excellent More Niche and Click Bank. These websites contain thousands of affiliate programs, which you can apply to join simply by opening an account with the affiliate portal website.

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