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Make Money Online

At our Paid To Review website you will learn how easy it is to make money online using Paid Surveys, Cashback Websites, learn how to Make Money From A Website as well as many other free ways to earn money online. At our free make money advice site we try our best to discuss only the best genuine ways to make cash online, and which will pay out any of your generated revenue. Hopefully anyone who reads our site can start to make money online today using our free money making information guides. Read the articles along the left hand side of the page or use the navigational links above to start browsing the site. Join the forum if you want to discuss more ways of earn money online.


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Paid Surveys

Get paid to answer surveys onlinePaid surveys are a great way to make money online, with surveys regularly e-mailed to members of the survey sites. The paid survey websites use the information gained from these surveys and pass it on to other companies as market research. This is how the survey companies make money online, and is also how they are able to afford to pay people to answer surveys online. You can apply to join paid survey websites for free, and can start getting paid to complete these internet surveys. You will be under no obligation to complete the surveys if you don't want to answer any...Read more

Make Money Programs

There are thousands of make money programs available online from paid surveys, paid to surf, affiliate programs, earn money online cash back sites, and various other opportunities. The majority of these make money programs will not deliver what they promise? The key to making money online is knowing exactly how and where to start. Without the right advice you could end up wasting precious time and money. At Paid to Review we have thoroughly researched the top programs which guarantee that you will earn money online, all you have to do is read them and follow their expert advice. Read more

Cashback Websites

Earn cash online when you buy from cashback websiteCashback websites are a very popular way of making money online. Nearly everyone uses the Internet when it comes to doing some of their shopping - so why not earn cashback on any of your online transactions? Cashback websites pay people to shop online using any of the retailers and services listed on their website. Anyone can start earning cashback on purchases made over the Internet, and there are thousands of shops to choose from. You can save up to %50 of the cost of your shopping online...Read more

Paid Reviews

Get paid to write product reviews onlinePaid review websites pay people to write online reviews of various listed products. The paid review sites have databases of thousands of products to choose from, which includes clothing, computer games, toys, books, aftershave; there's thousands of items to review. You can even get paid to review websites and services - such as your local pub or restaurant, giving your feedback on your overall experience at that location. At paid to review sites you can simply earn money online for leaving your personal opinion...Read more

Profit From A Website

Make money online from a websiteWith web hosting and domain names currently incredibly cheap to purchase, it is now very easy and cheap to set up your own website. It is even possible to set up your own free website or blog, and within a few minutes you could be earning money online from your own creation. There is lots of ways of making money from your website, you could display adverts on your site (which can earn you money every time they get clicked) or you could become an online affiliate for another online retailer; earning commission for any leads or sales that you generate. Within a few minutes you could have everything set up, with little or no website programming skills or knowledge - and you can start to earn money on the Internet from owning your own website...Read more

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Latest Ways To Earn Money Online For Free

Here we will briefly discuss the latest ways of earning money online that we have discovered whilst browsing the Internet, and which we have added to the Paid To Review website. If you would like to recommend a way of making money online, or would like to pass us some details about other ways to earn money online then please contact us: make-money-online (at) Please do not simply pass on spam or other dodgy websites, especially those which involve a payment up front.

Free Make Money Website

Update: We will list the various ways to earn some cash here.

Gaining From Videos Online

Videos are a very valuable form of content on the Internet and this is why many websites are currently willing to pay people to display the videos on their websites. Instead of simply uploading your video to YouTube, why not upload it to a site like Break which will pay you for doing so, according to the videos popularity. Many people are currently profiting from their own personal videos on the Internet...Read more

Gaining From Medical Tests

Although not strictly a way of making money online, paid medical testing opportunities are often advertised entirely on the Internet, where members of the public can join one of these websites and create an account at their site. After filling in a profile and giving certain medical/health details, the website will then invite you to any available medical tests/trials in your local area. You will be able to earn money for completing these medical tests. This opportunity of making money may not be for everyone, but it is still a simple and easy way of earning extra money...Read more

Make Cash By Voting For Sites Online

Subvert And Profit is a website which pays its users to simply vote for stories and sites on the Internet. The site cashes in on other social media sites such as Digg and Stumble Upon, where users can either vote positively on websites that interest them, or can vote negatively. The sites with most votes go to the top of the charts, and onto the frontpage of the site. The sites that people don't vote for, or vote negatively, will get pushed to the back pages of the site. These votes are very valuable to website owners, and this is how Subvert And Profit is able to pay people to vote for websites....Read more

Earn Cash Writing Reviews At Shvoong

Shvoong is another new interesting website which aims to be as big and informative as the Wikipedia website. At Shvoong users can write summaries/abstracts/reviews of various publications, such as magazines, newspapers, websites and more. Other visitors can read and rate these reviews, and you earn money from the amount of people you get to read your review. The more popular your review the more money you can expect to make from the Shvoong website...Read more

Cash From Investing In Stocks Online

Many people at some point in their life will have a go at making money from the stock market, attracted by the wide choices of investment available, and of course excited at the prospect of multiplying their investment amount. Thanks to the Internet it is now possible to profit almost instantly from investing in stocks and shares online, with minimal knowledge and minimal effort. Learn how you can start to earn money from investing in stocks and shares in this article...Read more

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Gainings From Leaving Comments Online

Some people enjoy writing and enjoy leaving feedback on various subjects. Writers Share is a website which pays people £1 for every comment they leave on the website. For your comment to get posted it has to be unique and original, and of course related to the subject. If your comment meets the criteria and gets posted on the site (it should do if you follow the guidelines) you will be paid by Paypal for your work. So if you can writer hundreds of comments in a day or so, you could be earning a few hundred pounds per day. Also if you write to a very good standard, or are able to produce many comments on the site, you will be eligible to receive other cash bonuses from the site...Read more

Gainings From Selling Clothes Designs

Perhaps you are a talented designer or have an artistic flair. You might be interested in creating logos and images for clothing garments, and then selling these designs online. You can create your own free online clothes store, and can upload your own designs onto a wide variety of clothing and accessories. Then for every sale your shop generates, you earn a cut of the profits. Or you can simply go to the online clothing design marketplace and can earn money from your designs every time they get used by another clothing store...Read more

Profit As A Photographer Online

If you enjoy taking photographs and are capable of producing some interesting and professional-looking photographs then you might be interested to know about the websites that pay people to upload their photographs. These websites contain thousands of different photographs which people can purchase to use on their own websites, magazines, books, etc. You earn a commission on every one of your photographs that get sold. Many people are currently making money online by uploading their photographs...Read more

Profit As A Product Tester

Many people are currently getting paid to test products as well as getting to keep the products for free! There are websites willing to reward people for receiving, testing and reviewing various products, as a form of market research. Making money as a product tester isn't too different from getting paid to answer surveys - except that as a paid product tester you will be sent items through the post which you will be able to use for free, and then usually keep. Paid product testers are always wanted by market research companies, you just have to find their websites and apply for free...Read more

Profit From Hub Pages

Hub Pages is a lot like the Squidoo website. You simply join for free, write some content on the site (on your own Hub Page) and then add some adverts to your page. Then you will earn money from people clicking these advertisements whilst browsing your pages. Hub Pages is a simple, quick way of being able to earn money online. If you don't have your own website and don't have the ability to make one, the Hub Pages site allows you a simple interface for you to use to create your own page, and then allows you to monetize your pages instantly...Read more

Cash Surveys

Make Cash By Playing Computer Games

Ever wanted to get paid to play computer games on the Internet? This is currently very possible due to the popularity and in-game-markets on computer games such as Second Life and World Of Warcraft. Millions of people play these games online from all over the world, and as they have their own in-game currency and markets, it is now very possible to convert this virtual money into real money. Therefore by playing these MMORPG games in certain ways, you can now profit from playing computer games online!...Read more

Profit From Credit Cards

Many credit card companies now offer free money or free gifts when you apply and get accepted for their credit cards. This is a way of tempting someone to sign up to their own credit card, as opposed to signing up to a competitors credit card. Therefore it is possible to obtain money and free gifts simply by using credit cards. All you need to do is apply to a credit card which offers a free gift, then make a purchase on that credit card (the credit cards usually require that you make a transaction using them, to activate the free gift). Then you can stop using the credit card, and apply for the next one...Read more.

Profit From Affiliate Programs

Making money from affiliate programs has to be probably the most popular way to make some cash on the Internet. Millions of people all around the world are currently making money using some kind of affiliate programs online. After standard advertising, affiliate programs have to be the most popular way of making money from your website. The idea of an affiliate program is simple - you link to a shop directly on your website, and any sales that you manage to generate from your affiliate link will earn you a commission. This rate of commission is dependant on your relationship with that affiliate website. Some affiliates might earn %5 of the final value of the sale, others might earn %20. It will depend entirely on the shop that you are linking to. One of the great things about affiliate programs is that there are so many of them to choose from - meaning that no-matter what the subject of your website is, you are sure to be able to find an affiliate program that suits your site. This will enable you to earn an impressive amount of money from linking to online retailers directly from your own personal webspace. Read more.

Earn Money From The Lottery Online

The lottery is a hugely popular market which is set to become even more popular online. Millions of people currently play every week, which means that there could be millions playing online too. By joining a lottery syndicate website as an affiliate member, you can profit from getting people to play the lottery online. Lottery syndicates increase your chances of winning the lottery by a huge margin, and so they are already very popular and well known. You can get money from referring new members to the website, and you can also get to play the game online for free. You can earn money from your own website as an affiliate of the lottery syndicate website, or just earn money simply by getting your friends and family to join up.Read more.

Profit From Squidoo

Squidoo is quite a new website which enables its users to earn money from creating their own 'lens' (basically another name for a blog). On your lens you can upload your own content, and whatever you choose to upload is completely up to you. You can then display various advertisements on your Squidoo lens, or can add affiliate links to your lens. Then whenever someone clicks your advert, or uses your affiliate link to make a purchase online, you will earn money. Squidoo keeps track of all the earnings from your website, tracking the transactions in your account page. Currently millions of people have their own lenses set up at Squidoo, and are earning thousands of pounds per month from revenue gained at their lenses. Squidoo is basically like any other blog website, in the sense that it provides you a free account and webspace where that you can make money by uploading your own content, and allowing you to keep any money gained from advertisements and such, making Squidoo a very constructive way to profit... Read more.






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